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Studying of typing through IELTS
30 июля 2015 в 08:49 (текущая версия от 10 августа 2015 в 16:05)
Тип словаря:
Цельные тексты, разделяемые пустой строкой (единственный текст на словарь также допускается).
1 Nowadays, the issue of allowing people to smoke in public places causes heated debate in most countries. Some people believe that smokers have the right too while others maintain that it is unacceptable. This essay considers differences between these standpoints.
2 On the one hand, human right is one of the fundamental rules in the democratic society. The Government cannot reject in observing smokers' rights because human rights should be equal regardless of whether there is a smoking or a non-smoking group of people.
3 The Government has all resources to solve this issue, for instance, they can organize special rooms, cabins and so on for smokers who are addicted and requiring their need satisfaction. Thus, our society cannot neglect smokers' rights, but the Government have to find out other ways how to provide them.
4 On the other hand, smoking is very harmful not only to those who yield to this unhealthy habit but also to those who are exposed to the aggravating effects of passive smoking. For instance, when a person inhales cigarette smoke, the damage to their lungs is equal to that of a smoker. Also there is negative influence on the other people, especially young persons who can gain this deleterious habit by observing smokers.
5 Furthermore, cigarette smoke has strong impact on the environment and contaminates the atmosphere. In this way, smoking in public places is undesirable and should be prohibited.
Taking into account all the above-mentioned, I believe that even though we have to respect smokers' rights, the government should protect its non-smoking citizens and young generation from the aggravating effects of smoking by introducing a ban on smoking in public places.
6 Nowadays, the issue of believing that women are better parents than men and they play greater role in rising children, causes heated debate in most counties. Some people suppose that men are not worse than women in parenting. This essay considers disparities between these standpoints.
7 On the one hand, most people believe that women have the crucial role in rising children because they are mothers. Moreover, women can spend much more time with children than men since their birth. Particularly, women's attention is extremely important for children, especially when they grow up.
8 For instance, mothers can teach their children essential values and believes such as knowledge of the world around, experience of eating, speaking, reading and the other vital basic literacy skills. Therefore, women make an invaluable contribution to children's upbringing.
9 On the other hand, plenty of people consider that men's role in rising people has considerable importance as well. Furthermore, if society need to gain charismatic personality in the young generation, they should engage fathers into upbringing process.
10 As the matter of fact, fathers sooner can instill children in such necessary life important skills as a willpower, strong ability for surviving, willingness to develop themselves and so on. Thus, men's participation in rising children has a great deal of beneficial effects.
11 Taking into account all the above-mentioned, I believe that children's upbringing has crucial value in case of developing young generation. Considering both point of views of involving women and men into a children's rising process, I suppose we should not separate significance of participating of parents because both of them are essentially important.

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