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Examples of gerund phrases
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lazy_assassin 29 августа 2017
Goodwillah 29 августа 2017
Riding a roller costar doesn't scare her little son.

costar -> coaster
lazy_assassin 24 июля 2017
Должно быть
Are you fond of dancing?

Спасибо за комментарий!

Lakira 4 июля 2017
Do you fond dancing?
Тут не опечатка?

Do you fund dancing?
Написать тут
Некоторые предложения с использованием герундия вместе с типичными для него глаголами.
15 января 2016 в 22:59 (текущая версия от 29 августа 2017 в 19:18)
Тип словаря:
В этом режиме перемешиваться будут не слова, а целые фразы, разделенные переносом строки.
1 Next time you should avoid making mistakes.
2 I enjoy teaching Japanese language.
3 Excuse me for being so late.
4 Has she finished talking?
5 Please go on reading.
6 Would you mind closing the door?
7 You must practice speaking Spanish.
8 I don't remember speaking to him.
9 They could risk loosing everything.
10 I suggest taking a break.
11 He can't help smiling.
12 He is busy reading.
13 The book is worth reading.
14 Do you think Tom is capable of lifting 200 pounds?
15 Are you fond of dancing?
16 Why do you insist on leaving your dirty clothes all over the floor?
17 I object to paying that much for milk.
18 If necessary, add a little water to prevent sticking.
19 We finally succeeded in getting Marjorie up the stairs.
20 They were trying to please us but just succeeded in offending everyone.
21 Eating short eats frequently can increase your weight.
22 I thanked for her helping me in difficult times.
23 Riding a roller coaster doesn't scare her little son.
24 Playing football takes most of his energy.
25 Digging the garden has become our dog's favorite activity.
26 Our dog loves swimming in the garden pond.
27 She was arrested for vandalizing public property.
28 Holding a Smartphone in one hand is not an easy task.
29 Playing basketball takes up most of his time.
30 Climbing this wall is not an easy job.
31 His hobby is playing computer games.
32 Walking his dog is his favorite activity.
33 We were tired of waiting for him to call.
34 Deborah was used to working on difficult assignments.
35 Looking forward to meeting you again.
36 What I really like is travelling to other countries.
37 Seeing is not always believing.
38 A good career for her might be nursing.
39 Leslie got into trouble for talking to Sarah.
40 Have you ever read a book about riding a bike?
41 Upon finding a piece of glass on the floor, Jan called the teacher.
42 The teacher appreciated my trying the math problem.
43 Smoking is prohibited here.
44 Reading improves your knowledge.
45 Running behind a running-car is dangerous.
46 Walking alone is what he likes the most.
47 Buying vegetables in that market is a difficult affair.
48 Following others is not advisable.
49 Begin reading the book.
50 I like going for a walk.
51 They prefer buying online rather offline.
52 My neighbor is good at breeding dogs.
53 I am fond of eating sweets.
54 Before entering the room, please remove your foot-wear.
55 What I detest the most is drinking alcohol.
56 Nehru did a lot of reading.
57 We used to do a lot of writing when we were at school.
58 Stop talking nonsense.
59 I could not help admiring the picture.
60 He did not mind waiting.
61 I can not imagine his doing like this.
62 They could not prevent her coming to the function.
63 I saw him doing that work.
64 She felt an insect going up her leg.
65 Have you ever heard a bird talking?
66 Forgiving is better than punishing.
67 Teach me swimming.
68 I remember telling her the address yesterday.
69 He risked being caught.
70 Sam tried opening the lock with a paperclip.
71 They urge recycling bottles and paper.
72 The lawyer defended her making such statements.
73 He completed renovating the house.

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