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Some English phrases.
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ДЕСЕРТ 12 июня 2017
Gosxo_Ruza, не, просто в этом словаре автор отражает свою душу, его видение фраз
Gosxo_Ruza 4 января 2016
Словарь для тренировки многоточия. В некоторых наборах вместо английских фраз приходится набирать почти одни точки. Для словаря больше бы подошло название "Some... English... phrases.........."
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43 English phrases.
16 мая 2010 в 22:42 (текущая версия от 16 мая 2010 в 22:44)
Тип словаря:
В этом режиме перемешиваться будут не слова, а целые фразы, разделенные переносом строки.
1 By the way...
2 A drop in the bucket.
3 And so on and so forth.
4 As drunk as a lord.
5 As I said before...
6 As innocent as a babe unborn.
7 As sure as eggs is eggs.
8 As to... (As for...)
9 Believe it or not, but...
10 Did I get you right?
11 Don't mention it.
12 Don't take it to heart.
13 Forgive me, please, I meant well.
14 He is not a man to be trifled with.
15 I am afraid you are wrong.
16 I didn't catch the last word.
17 I mean it.
18 I was not attending.
19 If I am not mistaken.
20 If I remember rightly.
21 In other words...
22 In short...
23 It does you credit.
24 It doesn't matter.
25 It is a good idea.
26 It is new to me.
27 Let us hope for the best.
28 May I ask you a question?
29 Mind your own business.
30 Most likely.
31 Neither here nor there.
32 Next time lucky.
33 Nothing much.
34 Oh, that. That explains it.
35 On the one hand...
36 On the other hand...
37 Say it again, please.
38 That's where the trouble lies.
39 Things happen.
40 What do you mean by saying it?
41 What is the matter?
42 Where were we?
43 You were saying?

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