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Fair Game
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EOspb 24 апреля 2020
Прекрасный словарь! Мои любимые авторы!!!
Dimast17 23 апреля 2020
Ооо! Спасибо за словарь! Как добью "Замечательные рассказы", возьмусь за этот :)
Cat_Lady 3 февраля 2020
Урааааа, наконец-то книжка на английском в Задаче дня!
Сударушка 1 февраля 2020
Ятрань, пожалуйста!
Этот словарь планируется на 4 месяца в Задаче дня.
Назвать его заменой "Криминальному таланту" не совсем верно, т. к. это книга на английском языке и бронзовая.
Но, безусловно, это новый интересный опыт.
Надеюсь, любители набора на английском оценят.
Ятрань 1 февраля 2020
Сударушка, громадное спасибо за словарь! НФ - это ж всё моё! Надеюсь, это станет постоянной заменой "Криминальному таланту". Или?..
Написать тут
Фантастические рассказы Брэдбери, Азимова, Кларка, Дика на английском языке
30 декабря 2019 в 19:57 (текущая версия от 31 мая 2020 в 18:33)
Тип словаря:
Последовательные отрывки из загруженного файла.
В Задаче дня сборник был с 01.02.20 по 31.05.20 г.

1. A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury – отрывок № 1
2. The Golden Apples of the Sun by Ray Bradbury – 85
3. The Last Question by Isaac Asimov – 126
4. The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke – 204
5. Fair Game by Philip K. Dick – 249
335 отрывков, 104713 символов
1 A Sound of Thunder
by Ray Bradbury
The sign on the wall seemed to quaver under a film of sliding warm water. Eckels felt his eyelids blink over his stare, and the sign burned in this momentary darkness:
2 Warm phlegm gathered in Eckels' throat; he swallowed and pushed it down. The muscles around his mouth formed a smile as he put his hand slowly out upon the air, and in that hand waved a check for ten thousand dollars to the man behind the desk.
"Does this safari guarantee I come back alive?".
3 "We guarantee nothing," said the official, "except the dinosaurs." He turned. "This is Mr. Travis, your Safari Guide in the Past. He'll tell you what and where to shoot. If he says no shooting, no shooting. If you disobey instructions, there's a stiff penalty of another ten thousand dollars, plus possible government action, on your return.".
4 Eckels glanced across the vast office at a mass and tangle, a snaking and humming of wires and steel boxes, at an aurora that flickered now orange, now silver, now blue. There was a sound like a gigantic bonfire burning all of Time, all the years and all the parchment calendars, all the hours piled high and set aflame.
5 A touch of the hand and this burning would, on the instant, beautifully reverse itself. Eckels remembered the wording in the advertisements to the letter. Out of chars and ashes, out of dust and coals, like golden salamanders, the old years, the green years, might leap; roses sweeten the air, white hair turn Irish-black, wrinkles vanish;.
6 all, everything fly back to seed, flee death, rush down to their beginnings, suns rise in western skies and set in glorious easts, moons eat themselves opposite to the custom, all and everything cupping one in another like Chinese boxes, rabbits into hats, all and everything returning to the fresh death, the seed death, the green death, to the time before the beginning.
7 A touch of a hand might do it, the merest touch of a hand.
"Unbelievable." Eckels breathed, the light of the Machine on his thin face. "A real Time Machine." He shook his head. "Makes you think, If the election had gone badly yesterday, I might be here now running away from the results. Thank God Keith won. He'll make a fine President of the United States.".
8 "Yes," said the man behind the desk. "We're lucky. If Deutscher had gotten in, we'd have the worst kind of dictatorship. There's an anti everything man for you, a militarist, anti-Christ, anti-human, anti-intellectual. People called us up, you know, joking but not joking.
9 Said if Deutscher became President they wanted to go live in 1492. Of course it's not our business to conduct Escapes, but to form Safaris. Anyway, Keith's President now. All you got to worry about is – "
"Shooting my dinosaur," Eckels finished it for him.
10 "A Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrant Lizard, the most incredible monster in history. Sign this release. Anything happens to you, we're not responsible. Those dinosaurs are hungry."
Eckels flushed angrily. "Trying to scare me!"
"Frankly, yes. We don't want anyone going who'll panic at the first shot.

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