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"The Dorm Urinal" (English) 18+
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1 Chapter 1
When applying to college, being waitlisted is a blessing and a curse.
You're happy that you still have a chance to get in but it has some major
drawbacks. Namely, you get last choice for a dorm and you don't get any say
on your roommate. So when I found out that I finally got accepted, I was
ecstatic. But then I saw the dorm I was assigned to and I became slightly
less excited. I was assigned to Thomas Hall, not only the oldest dorm on
campus but among the oldest buildings on campus.
2 It didn't have central AC
(in Florida!) and it was notorious for its dilapidated condition.
It did have one plus: it was the only all male dorm on campus. It was all
male because its security wasn't as modern as the rest of the dorms and, as
the theory went, fathers would never allow their daughters to live in dorms
without card key swipes. If you haven't put two and two together yet, being
in an all male dorm was a plus for me because I am gay.
3 But even typing
that makes me feel uncomfortable. No one knew I was gay except the two guys
I had hooked up with in high-school. I didn't act gay, I didn't sound gay
and I didn't look gay. I wasn't pretending to be masculine, it was just how
I was.
I guess I should describe how I look. I'm white, 6'2" 160 lbs lean and
lanky. Yeah I was tall but I was actually the shortest guy in my family. My
dick is 7" (actually closer to 6.5" but who's measuring?) and it wasn't
particularly thick.
4 I did have one special trait, my balls were huge and
hung down lower than my dick. One benefit (or negative, depending on who
you ask) was that I always shot huge loads. Like porn style loads. But I
was by no means a porn star or all American jock. I preferred video games
to outside games any day. But enough about me. Let's fast forward past all
the packing and goodbyes to my first day walking into Thomas Hall.
5 The first indication that this wouldn't be a typical college experience was
a notice posted on the interior door to the dorm. It read: "Attention all
residents. Urinating into showers is unsanitary and strictly forbidden. Any
student suspected of urinating into the showers will be reported to the
Dean of Student Affairs for a judicial hearing. In addition, urinating into
bottles or other containers is unacceptable.
6 If bottles of urine are
discovered during an unscheduled room check, you will be reported to the
Dean of Student Affairs for a judicial hearing. Bathrooms are available
across the street at the student center."
Reading that was almost as deflating as reading I was assigned to Thomas
Hall but not for the reasons you'd think. I was depressed because over the
past couple weeks I would furiously masturbate to the thought of getting a
peek at some straight dormmates pissing in the shower.
7 Because the only
thing that turned me on more than a straight guys was a straight guy
pissing. I had long ago stopped attempting to rationalize this kink. I can
only assume that when I was younger, this was the only opportunity for me
to see another guy's dick and therefore it became sexualized to me.
So at the time, this notice only worsened my mood but my spirits rose
(along with my dick) as soon as I walked into my dorm room for the first
8 When I opened the door, I noticed three things immediately: (1) it
felt like it was 95 degrees inside the room, (2) it smelled very musty and
(3) there was an extremely hot shirtless guy doing push-ups. That's when I
first saw Chad, the stranger who also happened to be my roommate for the
rest of the year. How can I describe Chad in words without sounding cliche?
I could tell he was tall, though not as tall as me.
9 But he was without a
doubt more well-developed than me. He had his feet and legs on one of the
mattress and his hands on the ground doing push-ups. Even his back was
fully defined with muscles. His skin was perfectly tanned, he didn't look
like a movie star but he looked like he grew up in a sand castle. He had
real short blonde hair, almost a buzz cut, and when he looked up at me I
had to marvel at how attractive his face was.
10 It was boyish yet spotless,
which is the only way I can describe it. Not only was his face clear of any
pimples or scars but he didn't even have a single imperfection or freckle.
He smiled at me and his smile was perfect, not forced or awkward looking.
His teeth were white and straight. I took all this in at once and needless
to say, I was completely taken aback.
He got up and approached me and extended his hand, "I'm Chad."
I shook his hand, glancing at his 6-pack before back up to his face, "I'm,
uh, Steven."
"I guess you're my roommate?

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