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Обычный in English (книгой)
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Отрывки из книг на английском языке. Набираются по порядку, как в книге, а не вразброс, как в текстах.
28 февраля 2019 в 15:44 (текущая версия от 21 июня 2019 в 07:37)
Тип словаря:
Последовательные отрывки из загруженного файла.
Словарь создан для тех, кто недостаточно владеет английским языком и хочет не только быстро набирать текст, но и понимать то, что набирает, а заодно и увеличивать свой словарный запас.

Так как словарь представлен в форме книги, есть возможность возвращаться к нужному отрывку любое количество раз, тем самым повторяя изученные слова.

Данный словарь является другой версией сл. "Обычный in English" автора olimo: http://klavogonki.ru/vocs/5539
3755 отрывков, 1000029 символов
1 Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet Earth.
2 Now this is an interesting number, for by a curious coincidence there are approximately a hundred billion stars in our local universe, the Milky Way. So for every man who has ever lived, in this Universe there shines a star.
3 The two babies were already whimpering for food, but became silent when Moon-Watcher snarled at them. One of the mothers, defending the infant she could not properly feed, gave him an angry growl in return; he lacked the energy even to cuff her for her presumption.
4 Now it was light enough to leave. Moon-Watcher picked up the shriveled corpse and dragged it after him as he bent under the low overhang of the cave. Once outside, he threw the body over his shoulder and stood upright - the only animal in all this world able to do so.
5 There were about thirty of them, and they could not have been distinguished from the members of Moon Watcher's own tribe. As they saw him coming they began to dance, shake their arms, and shriek on their side of the stream, and his own people replied in kind.
6 The night wore on, cold and clear, without further alarms, and the Moon rose slowly amid equatorial constellations that no human eye would ever see. In the caves, between spells of fitful dozing and fearful waiting, were being born the nightmares of generations yet to be.
7 Late that night, Moon-Watcher suddenly awoke. Tired out by the day's exertions and disasters, he had been sleeping more soundly than usual, yet he was instantly alert at the first faint scrabbling down in the valley.
8 It was a rectangular slab, three times his height but narrow enough to span with his arms, and it was made of some completely transparent material; indeed, it was not easy to see except when the rising sun glinted on its edges.
9 A few licks and attempted nibbles quickly disillusioned him. There was no nourishment here; so like a sensible man-ape, he continued on his way to the river and forgot all about the crystalline monolith, during the daily routine of shrieking at the Others.
10 In the last light of day, looking round anxiously for early hunters, they drank hastily at the stream and started the climb up to their caves. They were still a hundred yards from the New Rock when the sound began.

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