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Частотный-3000 [English]
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Nowhereman42nd 7 июля 2022
Только что наблюдал баг иного рода. Откуда-то в качестве слова взялся пробел. Выглядело это так. Я пытался печатать текст, а он не печатается. Включил подсветку. Подстветка тоже не работает. Тогда я набрал пробел. Пробел набрался, тут же включилась подсветка.
Nkey 24 апреля 2022
За все время только дважды встречал такой баг, и оба раза именно на этом словаре.
Невозможно набрать букву и все. Сегодня это было слово "ease". Т.е. Ctrl + F на странице заезда подсвечивает это слово два раза и в поле текста, и в поле ввода. Слова идентичны, но страница отказывается его принимать и подсвечивает ошибку.
Slow-writing 10 августа 2021
Э! Чё за н. Тут всего лишь 2926! Куда делись ещё 74 слова? Вокруг один развод.
Kaling_Dmitry 7 апреля 2020
Рекорд здесь, как моя средняя в обычном. Вот это частотный)
strix_qb 2 декабря 2019
Замечательный словарь, но Вы уверены, что следующие слова это вообще полноценные слова?
ll (from "will"?)
Kvanttt 1 декабря 2019
не смог набрать слово "nose", походу буква "n" - не английская, а фиг знает с какого языка. Либо просто заезд заглючил.

Ну Ctrl + F нормально находит это слово :) Значит походу второе.
pashkhan 1 декабря 2019
не смог набрать слово "nose", походу буква "n" - не английская, а фиг знает с какого языка. Либо просто заезд заглючил.
Sslon 19 октября 2016
"conditions desired l milk raise waste " заберите, пожалуйста "l" (маленькая L), либо исправьте на "I" (большая i)
mabden 19 октября 2016
ахаха "Tarzan" in top это сюрприз
Anticheater 11 сентября 2016
(sake) th (evil)
Please, delete non-existing "th".
VisaryMaster 10 июня 2015
В общем 3000 самых частых слов.
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Топ 3000 слов частотного словаря, созданного на основе обработки 50 классических английских произведений
9 августа 2011 в 12:41 (текущая версия от 16 октября 2012 в 14:50)
Тип словаря:
Текст для игры будет составляться из слов, перемешанных в случайном порядке.
the and of to a I in he was it that his you had with as her for she but so at on not him is be they said have my all from this by me were so which t there one would when an if no what them or we out their up been then could are who into man now do will more about like little upon some your did time very down can than well over know only see before other came any two back its after never good go come how old has made much here went way again day where long must such just don great through first should our thought himself these think eyes mr. too own men away might life us even last get still saw looked say ll seemed face am hand off make while head most May take every got once house m night those room found new yet ever look without took father mother people why nothing asked another tell put though many going let something right being door knew thing place always things three left shall girl moment white young under turned woman same oh home heard work side stood mind told far because world felt enough yes quite few half give heart want better seen began hands against years almost until find black each miss boy morning done anything love looking soon course voice between however gave water next poor herself rather both cried sat part among myself behind set feet days re light end called along round whole also lay small since name toward sir didn't gone Philip perhaps child brought around money full whom air best sure together open kind answered king having nor keep high within replied do for words alone really dead friend lady dear word matter death wanted passed help master red dark suddenly god across coming large Anne used bed least Tarzan taken above evening won does feel believe near indeed table till everything hour fact four big hear hundred mean country hard five wife often children fire sea close hair already city river whose leave less fell read themselves ship times held hope known beautiful doctor call business talk ground thou others Paul point kept strange horse body window thus else rose itself sort arms lost short true became john rest fellow sometimes use women returned ran speak during sight given making wild second friends certain street turn lord son wind live whether year town cannot either reached ten run case tree several wish suppose understand past care earth hours road nature hold front strong computer walked later fine twenty green family free low human ready thousand says eye pretty ask deep cold opened order become sound boat slowly remember sent book feeling followed spoke power chapter longer state entered sense sun present idea towards six tried met answer bring daughter brown story cut forward stand trees blue fear need letter manner continued return real standing line reason carried bad person arm able wouldn't blood possible general beyond soul show knight company silence sitting chance doing none happy floor appeared beside laughed seem afraid brother sleep st couldn't land question taking smile lips quickly ye beneath means caught getting happened gold led number late early drew forest heavy tom American minutes added foot glad laid lived distance yourself husband trouble interest mouth clear thinking captain waiting living try ago mine doubt nearly isn't stopped week instant chair different grew struck jungle slave youth seems meet started truth wall miles north certainly form change saying corner garden play Jason walk dinner diamond gentleman figure straight thy top glass service stay ah moved pay remained wait length wood afternoon party forth whale below school thee instead paper presently horses deal neither except harvester billy further village broken ought war loved Marillin save clock thoughts exclaimed church easy fair comes tone attention boys outside food pass filled hall quiet finally please trying bit wonder clothes secret turning fall therefore single meant hardly law watch self talking south board sudden direction worth force seven stop eat office die view whatever step position spring closed dropped bear heaven cry fast common escape Alice broke dress running sit pleasure prince although carry learned bright books wide drink knows received minute silent character public months wrong system wasn't showed probably purpose watched piece girls ill woods rich ape shook raised quick account fanny art died shoulder sky subject bank hill spirit hat laugh england strength rock threw fight beauty tall natural age presence cause send expression mighty train neck besides yellow necessary uncle immediately lily placed reach conversation field leaving darkness gray lying seeing born follow bell simply touch bridge stone following steps third entirely sister smiled exactly middle start beginning note scarcely appearance act scene box makes does summer glance lot tired surprise creature society fingers sorry usual covered eight expected talked dog tears inside shut sick plain killed learn kill breath ears hot stranger princess shot snow pale race shoulders discovered fresh picture warm merely madame baby queen quietly sweet easily effect safe west soft fifty haven married nice break em winter flowers desire golden latter pocket worked savage kitchen battle paid repeated experience wished tea passing terrible waited court wonderful leaves fate knowledge places nobody n slavery broad dream music guess impossible future judge write noticed danger deck written joy lie move particular history thirty changed opposite thank laddie huge hung walls forget bound lives path forgotten pleasant cabin decided mere perfectly finished worse coat especially dozen shore spent fallen lifted dollars morel seat edge blow fancy slaves liked looks situation aunt awful goes noble building unless remembered giving bread attempt heads touched sprang e watching devil windows ain't twelve bottom enemy camp grass somewhat arrived whispered growing spot thin legs likely simple mountain reading iron pleased grand moon surprised various beast drawn journey castle hadn't lower weeks sword difficult empty forced carefully game lines search everybody letters begin drawing greater shadow wore asleep explained speaking wine gate remain perfect angry chamber station duty holding companion memory offered object streets ahead faces mad space supper understood sharp nose walking cross grown peace charge evidently marry shop terror fool ways count spread wrote dressed lion pulled ear clean guard Sunday curious effort stepped circumstances monsieur maybe rapidly servant observed rising hurt information breakfast handsome quarter drive laughing nine plan yours bird supposed important knife drove news morrow telling trust working chief carriage fog moving proud fixed freedom aside bent alive success wondered crowd entire instantly sign houses notice anybody brain cast dry east keeping listen pain possibly rooms ones spoken picked sides thick fish anxious grave lake police class played reply afterwards weather caused gentlemen opportunity surely considered fortune meeting actually birds opening priest writing silver expect sake th evil suggested visit allowed generally rain condition determined Jim result valley stream forty breast doors listened believed month lovely occasion feelings frank mountains smiling social teeth pride promise animal former holy throat apes opinion frightened grow island yard knowing surface ancient dare interesting occurred personal twice catch faint trail movement needed prisoner promised wants crossed built speed familiar gently hotel noise seated altogether beat respect couple fashion fighting passage pieces ordered imagine higher putting somehow ladies lead offer approached narrow cruel dr influence private seized giant paused servants buy rise sing hole nearer somewhere sought crew gathered formed settled song usually loud pointed smoke speech warriors control safety proper soldier apparently skin directly knees sad approaching ice lose papers storm language existence jack distant drop interested professor group main peculiar ring fit rolled serious aware happen states creatures slow study features satisfied thrown bore courage passion security officer roof car fellows happiness slight burst action farther finger b busy level tiny cousin difficulty draw enter government soldiers brave moments bought color delight palace command complete pity questions vast horn relief remarked wise slipped according r cat engaged kissed flat mark stage upper appear square allow rate tongue boats singing hurried pair rough considerable rushed confidence entrance explain gentle meaning difference mass orders toad stairs nevertheless buried crime disappeared served weight branches cook fields pounds property rode yesterday mile throw wear hidden faith worn gray leaned marked shape comfortable finding honest pray share conscious playing satisfaction waters advantage animals grace taste helped horror slept somebody softly helium completely particularly prison otherwise dull height comfort naturally Richard hate matters names prepared bow due fairly ceased march powerful hoped pushed hit stick arose glanced Indian loose sleeping stretched job smith odd stared excitement failed post rat trade bare countenance vain willing worst calling ere forgot Meriel minister stuff swung circle greatest wicked task carrying farm ordinary imagination inquired occupied shining anyone cheeks kiss hills honor interrupted flung hated marriage midst persons price bar c fought period possession rage sold agreed hacker hackers realized loss today flesh sounds ate excellent faced justice lighted required sorrow fix splendid weak pilot unknown habit health Hephzibah beasts cool calm dreadful flying hungry falling hers hunting intended lies scarlet lights dying sufficient leading machine phone spend attack maiden saved strike suffered whenever consider cost fault carthorses coast core excited la plenty store dangerous escaped suit swept desk daily hurry meal Miriam range taught bitter dance nodded slightly takes fifteen handed leaped native proved sympathy demanded ride shadows suffering voices vessel shelter yards current impression mistake parts bosom tail temper affair sank major ourselves recognized refused season begun scarce brandies cover deeply kindly listening plans sell attitude fat hide forehead fully henry mistress queer removed rope advanced apart nervous drank everywhere fierce gradually original stones occasionally spite weary welcome feared value apartment gun older possessed press driven stars closer flight special staring succeeded dust jew prove keen lad larger officers lamp murmured practice surrounded wolf blind burning curiosity drought shoes fly pause stories harm receive shouted tender colonel returning wealth careful fun produced computers delicate gaze liberty message shame greatly remarkable bill color key closely evidence Harris presented temple bearing brilliant pressed size chest degree fox luck quarters united vine ashamed crying hideous some flew miserable stock dim maid managed sally shouldn't tower laughter members porter struggle cap dared flower hut anywhere bottle community dragged mystery regular similar brief partly admitted Americans century proceeded wet pull breaking bull royal sunshine accustomed arranged base brothers individual phoebe seek excuse tale center guests honor leaning pick rights assured horrible instance mysterious anyway atmosphere final insisted pond stern grandmother hearts named prevent religion rush seldom support writer dogs hanging hearing joined anger crept jumped lonely consciousness lock puncheon regard worthy approach eager local lorry obliged invisible spirits forms hesitated parents reader sooner avenue clearly doorway fond friendly merry pink tomorrow vanished increased smooth truly announced craft eyed notes report rule address companions despair patient troubled visible awake fill plainly riding southern becoming carry example foolish accepted cheek date telephone works aid drinking mercy moral numbers upstairs accept blacks mental modern thorns aloud asking equally events faithful gets ships declared thousands explanation forever physical clerk dining clouds meanwhile thrust heavily locked pictures dick accompanied ended hastily necessity reality shone amount club drunk gesture trip figures host military trembling wound pearl resumed silently accident armed sail stayed steady throughout bag convinced ease equal firm hell landing outer sigh authority clever evident mention previous rear shaking torn afford famous ideas own progress pure risk tied wondering haste market naked shade addressed affection calls energy laws absolutely credit innocent yet affairs bowed false mate colored cup guide chauvinism concerning highly meat nights army intention laura thanks unhappy advice coffee grandfather religious sang solid someone sounded cloud duke misery peter whip details importance Michael mercy sheep vision author enemies gained mild red spare striking crowded oil stuck thoroughly vague victim band Barbara concerned efforts mole precious stable suggestion enjoy serve acquaintance admit apple aspect brow conscience facts forgive nation shown steel style unable thinks fence muttered slightest treated astonishment belonged cases driving eating gives lover regarded anxiety cart carter cattle Christmas claim concluded furniture protection row steadily card lucky noon nowhere silly startled terms tonight virus bones funny advance dancing described leg mounted ugly wave at center civil pipe setting suspicion wholly lit portion teach arrival boards desert eleven folks heat tight commenced deserted Saturday fruit knocked manners nearest pardon program resolved wake hopes immediate intelligence nay nonsense saint travel treasure trunk wedding wounded banks choose dignity dreams tent weeper cared cloth grim hang prayer showing university western bringing points remark silk warning driver ave fourth guest has op problem track boots dawn superior content cries departure discover enjoyed holly kindness sum utter roses apparent constantly gay needs permitted sighed unusual wandered direct express foreign mentioned rocks sand branch bye glory midnight prisoners audience hunt inclined suffer wings adventure eagerly blessed cab stolen tide add connected fetch ocean rare shock absence defamer education expressed rested delighted material mostly prey tribe anyhow barn custom electronic pace painted using deeper double doubtless earlier extremely inn revealed avoid awoke burden colony jerry political rapid reasons scattered swift climbed eh hunger lightly mars measure separate frame manage match park plant poured younger alarm bodies choice shake steamer aboard ages ball cheerful cow gazed guilty harding mas saddle burned conduct motion remaining unfortunate wooden chairs glorious masters rank stands swiftly emotion fled relieved eaten everyone folk grief mail mood pointing waves whilst whisper art bay beer contact headed hospital join magnificent owner systems extent hastened lieutenant moonlight remains safely compelled hath member past seriously badly conditions desired l milk raise waste admiration appeal corn crossing imagined leader heap inner labor permit platform prior affected northern provided reward star therewith wretched angel barroom bench blows contrary extraordinary hast marks minds national realize guns reflected strangely beating delightful rolling sin successful voyage weapon amid aren't entering firmly glow hero hollow mademoiselle oak pack puzzled rang beach attached birth bushes discovery earnest gain hundreds meantime solemn win alas basket friendship landed murder sharply chosen contained jolly stupid access chin confess directed flash fortunate loving pursuit rescue science skill acquainted bold farmer manager mortal process reaching stiff tailor urged afterward area beard cottage divine keep signs tore violence belt fail household judgment port trial attend chose enormous event exercise faded intense lift metal quality russian fired guessed ha marquis pile useful accordingly belief bride brute hid highest missed mistaken throwing balance cities daylight image jest likewise plate roots secure slip strangers straw swan witness dreamed perceived shortly underground beg distinguished heels interior mud slender fever handle passengers protect pursued recalled frequently grasp limbs sixty sufficiently utterly astonished charming decision employed senora touching triumph twilight begged buildings capable cleared published sailor software amusement assistance clothing continue crown dressing governor h helpless immense parted proof reminded respectable species violent volume wash agony experienced flame roll unconscious van washed abroad chain flashed library painful refuse smaller tear useless charged fairy handkerchief humanity humble roads rude souls assumed commanded extreme grateful hasn't horizon intervals signal thither warrior collar dirty guy ignorant knee lest moreover nurse blew directions lane lightning peasant smell attracted consequence pierce spell stub tones wearing whales actual behold constant easier fed noted corridor desperate floating invited list log medicine nerves precisely type disturbed glimpse inches supply uttered becomes confusion depths inch literature rendered visited wheel gazing steam suspected accomplished bless charm department eastern examined finish generous occasions plantation purple series developed extended introduced sailors sons venture article belong descended folded heavens marble operation page physician sentence soil attended clearing consideration flushed mount revolver sadly farewell frightful learning visitor weapons attempted blame college exhausted gather miller million mingled score trick alike cake deadly infinity ma millions pine recovered restless treat upward agent candle chase idle impulse pen shirt ass assure coal exchange numerous sperm throne traveler axe bible gables gates gift knock lately principal wisdom appears contents departed description endure instinct smoking understanding wept duties ends fancied shoot yonder aye borne central cheap circumstance mirror plunged revenge thunder title valuable bitterly downstairs leaf popular raising sacrifice sail ship training traveling dread gardens possibility recently reflection romance services singular stopping teacher wandering active breathed contempt fatal spear theater trace ventured vivid whence breathing capital copy Monday observe obtain pockets regret roar acted build cautiously crazy informed melancholy motionless poetry powers rid tars cutting decent delay dishes favor hearted sisters stronger waving wishes wrapped awakened beheld breeze disappointment fearful involved abruptly continually established need sailed songs stir sunset thief brook committed eggs fitted lack request rifle stove cards disposed elephant fastened furnished gilbert incident lowered stout studied artist boxes cave divided document glasses hiding jean movements occasional recent sees vaguely warned butter delivered horrid profession separated starting swinging tales trifle wagon worry awfully demand domestic gravely humor minded severe trembled vengeance wherever bedroom colored ignorance indifferent load missing patience punishment relations sensation county mixed obtained pages sensible aroused beds career contrast dashed exact halted interests strain strongly wanting amused completed distinctly faster grant joke reputation senses seventy trained turns wheels concealed official prayers professional sandy stirred waved barleycorn created preferred properly muscles practical retired tables thirteen troubles utmost wilderness afro anxiously curiously encounter gloom gown hare including plains recall scream seeking shed sorts vicar counted distress emerged enthusiasm fro groups papa parties settle term adventures beloved daughters detail failure fashioned gathering salt smart variety weakness conclusion fears federal genuine hitherto killing laying loaded poet ridiculous statement absurd thus particular method example add blank closing earnestly lawyer view waist wind aged date doom hearth kingdom meadow prior sheet beaten blowing flood forces genius ray scheme threshold ability civilization feed require ruin argument elbow exceedingly

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