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Форум «События» / [08.07.20 18:30] How fast are you in typing?

Chaeryoung Сообщение #1 7 июля 2020 в 23:50
Hello everyone! On the 8th of July I will organise a competition for all members of Klavogonki that have the rank "Профи". But don't be upset, there are a couple of members, who I would love to give permission to enter the competition: "ellai", "pashkhan", "realemerald", "A-Cor" and "scar89". The competition will have the following dictionaries in it:
1) Обычный in English (2x)
2) One Hundred (5x)
3) Мини-марафон in English (3x)
4) White Fang
5) Периферия in English (3x)
I have been discussing about the competition with a certain member of Klavogonki "Vladomir" and will be the one who will give the prizes to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Vladomir will also be the head of the competition, which means that all questions he answers, since I know him for quite some time, and we program together as well, so I think it won't be a bad idea.
1) 1st place: 1000 points;
2) 2nd place: 700 points;
3) 3rd place: 500 points;
Others, who have a lower place will get 50 points.
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madinko Сообщение #2 8 июля 2020 в 00:31
Hey, change the topic to
[08.07.20 18:30] How fast are you in typing?
and it will be shown in the event calendar.
SNSD Сообщение #3 8 июля 2020 в 01:30
Hello Chaeryoung!
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Chaeryoung Сообщение #4 8 июля 2020 в 01:32
Hello Vladomir. Don't forget about tomorrow.

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